In Your Best Interests At All Times

Kirsten Bernhardt If I become your attorney, I pledge to work closely with you in pursuit of your most  important objectives. Whether we are focused on your coming divorce, your DUI case or a general civil litigation matter, you and I will begin by establishing trust and   rapport. I will listen carefully as I get to know you and understand your vantage  point. Then I will advise you based on my experience practicing law in Oklahoma.   Every step we take toward the finish line will align with the promising strategy we arrive at together.

Here To Guide You Confidently Along The Path To Resolution

I am Kirsten Bernhardt, Attorney at Law, available to evaluate your case and give you a clear idea on the best way forward. If we work together, my aim is to get you from Point A to Point B with as little strain as possible on your finances, your relationships and your prospects for the future. My years in my own law practice and of counsel has given me a solid basis from which to guide you skillfully in any legal matter.

My Substantial Knowledge Base Is At Your Disposal

Seeing my clients move forward positively and expectantly beyond a place of challenge is my greatest reward in the practice of law. Is your family facing legal issues? Have you been accused of violating local, state or federal laws? Whatever issues you face, it will be a pleasure to help you overcome obstacles and move forward. I want to make the law work for you. I can show you the way.

Call my Tulsa law offices at 918-221-8945 or complete an online intake form on this website to request a consultation with me, attorney Bernhardt, today.