About My Background And My Law Practice

Over more than three decades as a lawyer in Oklahoma, I have built my practice through referrals. My clients and legal peers alike know me as an attorney who consistently delivers results and good value for my clients' legal fees.

I am also known for versatility. I may help you solve your legal problems through negotiations, mediation, collaborative family law or litigation. I can advise you on cost-effective peaceful methods for achieving your goals. However, if your case calls for an aggressive approach for any reason, I am ready to fight zealously and skillfully on your behalf.

As you weigh in the balance the qualifications you are looking for in a lawyer, I would like to invite you to follow this link to learn about my background:

Why Choose Kirsten Bernhardt, Attorney At Law?

You may have come to this website because someone you trusted gave you my name, or you may have been searching for a Tulsa lawyer experienced in your type of case. Whatever stage your legal issue is at and wherever you are in the process of choosing a law firm, I welcome the opportunity to hear from you. I will gladly explain how we can best address your challenges involving:

I am confident in my ability to get results for you directly and efficiently.

A Law Practice Serving All Walks Of Life

While I gladly serve both men and women of all backgrounds, some clients choose to work with me because I am a woman, because I am a divorced mother of three, because I am a Christian active in my Episcopal Church or because I am a lifelong Oklahoman. If you decide to work with me, I hope it will be because of my knowledge, experience and strong track record.

The beauty of our legal system is that laws in our democracy apply to everyone. I have represented people from all walks of life, including lawyers, judges and judges' family members. I am prepared to advise and represent you to the best of my ability, regardless of your background.

Contact Me To Discuss Your Legal Matter

I welcome your phone (918-221-8945) or email inquiry. You can expect a prompt response as we determine a mutually convenient time to meet.