In Your Defense As You Face Criminal Charges

A criminal investigation or arrest is a frightening experience, and with good reason. The outcome of your criminal case will have long-term consequences. It is worth your best efforts to defend yourself vigorously after you have been arrested or if you are under investigation for a state or federal crime such as:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI)
  • A drug crime such as possession, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances
  • Domestic violence or allegations of assault, harassment or threats
  • Theft, arson or any other property crime
  • Fraud, forgery or any white collar crime

I am defense attorney Kirsten Bernhardt, and I am available to evaluate your case if you have been accused of any crime. In more than 30 years of experience practicing law in Oklahoma, I have achieved many noteworthy outcomes in prominent criminal cases. My reputation in this area of the law is solid.

A Lifetime Ahead

In the face of criminal charges or allegations, I understand your immediate needs such as:

  • To stay out of jail or get out of jail as soon as possible
  • To prevent criminal charges if possible
  • To get criminal charges dismissed or reduced
  • To pursue the least harmful outcome such as probation or deferred sentencing

If I am your criminal defense lawyer, I will also help you understand how critical it is to take the long view. Beyond your immediate legal crisis, you have a lifetime ahead of you. A long jail or prison sentence, a criminal record and the stigma of a conviction can put many obstacles in your path for years to come. Avoiding a criminal record is the most important goal. I can also help you pursue an expungement if you already have a conviction on the books.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

I am determined to protect each client's right to a presumption of innocence and other rights spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. Did police commit illegal search and seizure before charging you with a crime? If so, I will bring this to light and use the evidence of wrongdoing by law enforcement as a strong tool in your defense. I will fight to keep evidence illegally obtained by police from being considered in your criminal trial or appearance before a prosecutor.

Get Your Defense Underway

Do not delay if you have been charged with a crime in Oklahoma or elsewhere. Contact Kirsten Bernhardt, Attorney at Law, for an experienced, dedicated defense lawyer. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience. Call my Tulsa law offices at 918-221-8945, or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.