A Family Law Practice That Puts Families First

Family ties and traditions form a solid foundation in our lives and when changes are on the horizon, we often need professional guidance. As a family law attorney, I take very seriously my role as a counselor at law — one who will inform and guide my clients in the direction of their best interests.

Legal challenges having to do with family relationships carry an extra level of difficulty for many people: the emotional side of things. A divorce decree or a child custody arrangement is "a piece of paper" in many people's minds — but the terms of these documents can affect family dynamics for many years. The power of the law demands our respect.

Qualified Legal Counsel Can Protect Your Rights And Interests

I am Kirsten Bernhardt, Attorney At Law, and a skilled Oklahoma family law attorney you can trust. I have years of experience, many awards to my name and a strong reputation in the legal community. As a divorced mother of three, I understand the personal, emotional dimensions of family law matters as well as legal procedures.

As an experienced, accomplished attorney, I have in-depth familiarity with laws that define rights and responsibilities within family systems. I know from experience in my life as well as from my law practice how important it is to have quality legal counsel for family law matters.

What Family Law Matter Do You Face?

You may be facing a divorce or legal separation, a child custody dispute, a paternity action or questions about grandparents' rights or child support modifications. Whatever issues confront you, it will be my privilege to apply my legal knowledge and skills to the challenge of helping you find your way forward to a resolution. The first step is to request a consultation, share your story and explore your options with my help.

I Provide A Customized Approach For Each Client

Will your divorce involve high conflict? Is the custody case under great dispute? With 30 years of experience and a strong reputation in family law, I am confident of my ability to provide the counsel you need to get through these challenges ready for the future.

On the other hand, you and your spouse or the other parent of your child may agree on how your case should be resolved. You may be looking for the most straightforward, cost-effective resolution. Helping clients achieve goals like these is a strong focus of my family law practice. I will gladly show you how to proceed with an amicable, sensible approach.

Whatever your concerns and challenges, I encourage you to contact my law offices to schedule a consultation with Kirsten today. Call 918-221-8945 or complete the online intake form for a prompt response.