Take Control Of Your Divorce — Don't Let It Control You

I am Kirsten Bernhardt, Attorney at Law, and I appreciate your interest in my family law practice here in Tulsa. Whether you are seeking a divorce or need to respond to a dissolution petition from your spouse, I can guide you with confidence and reassurance during this difficult time.

As a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, I am prepared to help you get through your divorce ready for the future. And as a divorced mother of three, I understand the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing. My personal background and professional accomplishments have prepared me to guide you with empathy and skill.

My Tulsa Divorce Law Practice Focuses On Cost-Effectiveness, Sensible Solutions And Results

If I become your divorce lawyer, you have my word that I will advise you in ways intended to save on legal fees as well as protect your interests. My professional satisfaction will come from knowing I have steered you toward an outcome that suits you. Settlement negotiations, collaborative law methods and mediation are all potential pathways to a peaceful, cost-effective divorce.

If we work together, I hope to see you walk out of the divorce court with newfound courage. I will offer legal counsel designed to keep your dignity intact, protect your rightful assets and safeguard your priceless parent-child relationships.

When High Conflict Is In The Picture

Some divorce cases simply defy reasonable attempts at an amicable resolution. If your spouse is hiding assets or refusing to come to property division or child custody settlement negotiations in good faith, you may have no choice but to take your case before a judge through traditional litigation. I am well-equipped to fight on your behalf if an aggressive approach becomes necessary.

Talk To Me; Let's Discuss Your Oklahoma Divorce

I know how important it is to have good "chemistry" with your divorce lawyer as you grapple with personal issues. As a Christian woman, I have faith that you will find the strength you need to get through your family law challenges. "There is a time for everything," and I am here to walk with you through any legal difficulties you encounter on the way to a completed divorce.

You may need urgent help to answer a divorce petition right away or you may seek divorce planning as marital troubles appear to point toward divorce down the road. It is a privilege for me to offer my skills and knowledgeable counsel to men and women who can benefit from my experience. Every client, marriage and set of circumstances is unique and will receive unique analysis and direction.

To schedule a consultation, call 918-221-8945 or send me an email inquiry for a prompt response.